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Time changes and with it the technology
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#1 2023-01-29 21:20:37

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RRG/Iceman release v4.16191 (Nitride) is out.

New release of Proxmark3 is out.   a.k.a Nitride  (v4.16191)

Thanks to some awesome community contributions and as always the important help by @doegox we now have another release in the books.

Important changes?

    Improvement to hf mf autopwn for MFC Ev1
    Some new 15 SLIX commands
    new standalone modes (nedap for instance)
    sim module firmware update to v4.13
    Better Magic GEN4 support    
    a whole heaps of bugfixes,  so less crashes and unwanted behaviors

See CHANGELOG for complete list of changes. … g/v4.16191


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