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#1 2016-01-16 13:04:09

Registered: 2016-01-15
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website with bit calculation tool

Hi people,

I am looking for a website that has some tool for playing with zeros and ones.
I lost the url and cannot find it.
I think it was made for EM tags.
It had some option to invert a string of bits for example.

You must have used it once in your life if you are interested in the RFID world.

Thank you smile


#2 2016-05-18 03:53:51

Registered: 2015-05-24
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Re: website with bit calculation tool

there are several

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#3 2016-05-18 04:19:52

Registered: 2015-05-24
Posts: 701

Re: website with bit calculation tool

There are several my friend.

True, I should post them, not because I have seen and other have not, but because I do forget like you too...

Sometimes something resemblance definitely I have seen somewhere but where ... I could kick my face but sometime you have to give up, and lose for ever... So I share with you in the hope we would never be alone on path of forgotten-thing again … -converter
thread-3000 plays with 0 and 1 a little bit also here (some done, some still under construction)

Just a question of interest, why EM inverter Tool, when you have PM3, you may see something I don't, I miss? if I miss I would add to the thread-3000 one day. Would you let me know the reason?

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