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#1 2014-12-13 18:55:29

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WebService: DecodeEm41x

Interoperability or not?

I suppose from a mobile app perspective, the thought of having access to a WebService is a faster way of coding then to have to develop.

When I read the article from Andrew Mohawk about the decoding of em4x tag id's,  and realising not everyone has access to a PM3 where you can decode it of the fly I liked what he had done.  He made a webpage where you can decode values sniffed from other devices then a PM3.   However, the page gives you visual
feedback on how it the decoding.  This is not good from a perspective where you can call the page from for example mobile app and get the result back easily.

And I've been thinking of "extending" some of the decoding/encoding parts from the PM3 codebase to the net. To give more options to other devices.  So for the fun of it I did implement a WebService based upon the idea from Andrew's page.  It is more easy to implement this into an other software, either mobile-based or traditional based.  This service is more accepting of which data it accepts and tries more different bitswapping than the original.

Article from Mohawk: … y-systems/
Original tool from Mohawk:

WebService found here: … ervice.svc


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